Fashion Week Redesign

The models weren’t the main ones brandishing new takes a gander at the current year’s New York Fashion Week. On account of a group gathered by Fawley-Bryant Architects in the interest of IMG Fashion, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week occasion at Lincoln Center bragged a recently developed climate. The association between the American form world’s huge ball came because of a long-lasting connection between IMG Academy and the Lakewood Ranch design firm. Sam Zussman, the previous overseeing executive for the institute, now fills in as boss business officer for IMG Worldwide and administers the lead occasion for the form assembling in New York every year. When it was clear some better scene administration was required, Sussman called up Fawley-Bryant’s Stuart Henderson.

“He wanted Fawley-Bryant to visit the Fall Fashion show, observe the current set-up in Lincoln Center, and then make recommendations for the spring show in February of 2015,” Henderson said. “He asked me to assemble a dynamic team of consultants to investigate the efficiency and flow of the show at Lincoln Center.”

It’s a thrilling honor for a Lakewood Ranch firm to be tapped for an event in a global spotlight,” Henderson says. “IMG trusts us to work with them and understand their values and their desire for efficiencies and flow for events and projects,” he says. “They trust us and our process, methodology, timing and craftsmanship.”

The group also consulted with Berlin Fashion Week’s Dominic Kaffka to find ways to imitate that hyper-efficient event. The result was a revamp of Lincoln Center, which hosted the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the last time this year. Already, Henderson said, the team plans to come again together as IMG Fashion picks a new sponsor and venue. The ideas implemented in Manhattan can easily be used at Fashion Week events in Berlin, Australia or Istanbul. “As they go forward to a different site, they can take the ideas and efficiencies we have developed,” Henderson says. “Wherever they need a fashion show, these ideas could be used anywhere in the world.”

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